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OR play

OR play is a contemporary design project for young families.
The aim of the project is to develop a collection of designed objects inspired
by the value of play, the love of nature and the importance of sharing traditions.

Every object, print or little piece of clothing is created by
Nadine Ouellet and Maxime Rheault through a collaborative process,
with craftspeople, using natural materials, designed in classic forms.

We design our objects to create memories:
bringing parents and children together through play.


Nadine is a globe trotter and a book lover, with an amazing laughter.
She is fascinated by psychology, art and philosophy
and likes to hunt for vintage clothes and quirky memorabilia.
An intellectual mind with an unpredictable twist,
Nadine has taught and practiced graphic design on three continents
and won international acclaim for her work in the process.
She now lives in Hong Kong with her family.



Maxime is an everyday life curator.
He spend as much time as needed to find the perfect table tennis paddle or coffee machine.
He loves New York & Tokyo, his girlfriend & his son, bicycles, skateboards and chairs, black & neutrals.
Maxime studied 2 and 3-dimensional design,and has worked for 10 years in design.
Most of his work was conceived for young audiences and won numerous design awards.
Maxime gives conferences on design-related subjects in colleges and universities.
He works and lives in cold Quebec City.


We love design, contemporary art, architecture, literature, children and being curious…
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